Wifi Password Recovery in Lion / Mountain Lion

It’s easy to forget your wifi passwords. This in turn makes it very difficult to tell them to friends when they ask. So here’s a quick guide to looking up what your wifi passwords are in Mac Lion / Mountain Lion. (In earlier versions, it was super easy).

How to Lookup Saved Wifi Passwords

1.¬†Click on Spotlight, then type in and open “Keychain Access”.

2. Top right side of the window that opens, there’s a search box. Type in the name of the wifi network you’re trying to get a password to.

3. Double click on the network in the list. If there’s more than one, choose the one that says “login” under keychain.

4. There’s a “show password” check mark. Click the check next to it and type in your admin password.

5. That’s it, the password should show up in that field!

About the Author: Chris Bellman

Sophomore ECE major at The Ohio State University. Technology enthusiast. Runs own IT business in Cincinnati.