Google Play Music Review

Google Play Music is, arguably, pretty revolutionary.  Long story short of what it is : iTunes but completely in the cloud.  I think the Music webapp is nicely laid out, it’s very fast and fluid, and the addition of the “Google Play” Market where you can just add whatever songs instantly to your library after purchasing them (no download required) is very nice.

As great as Google Music is as a web service, the real killer feature is synchronization.  Gone are the annoying days where I would never know what music I would want to listen to on a given day and so would copy several gigabytes of music onto my SD card.  Now, I just “pin” one of my Google Play Music playlists from the app on my Android phone.  What this means is that any time I add a song on the webapp to that pinned playlist, my phone auto-downloads the song for offline playing. Amazing. And as long as I have an internet connection on my phone, I can stream any of the other thousand-or-so songs to my phone. The auto-song downloading to phone when pinned to playlist is arguably my favorite feature of Google Music.

Google Play Music is also a great way to back up your music library. In case your hard drive ever fails and you need your music library, you can re-download it from the cloud!

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About the Author: Chris Bellman

Sophomore ECE major at The Ohio State University. Technology enthusiast. Runs own IT business in Cincinnati.