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Best Windows Photo Program

While there are only a few good photo organization / editing programs on a mac (namely iPhoto), there are hundreds available for the PC.  Many people use the Nikon or Kodak software that came with their cameras, but most people seem to either use Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery. Personally, I use Windows Live Photo Gallery…and here’s why. 1. When you make a change in Picasa, IT DOESN’T ACTUALLY SAVE THE CHANGE TO THE […]


Chrome vs. Firefox

CHROME VS FIREFOX! The epic showdown of (IMO) the two best browsers on the market.  Two years ago Firefox had a clear lead – if you weren’t using Internet Explorer, you were almost certainly using Firefox.  Then suddenly, Chrome entered the scene.  Originally it didn’t have extensions and had some other quirks, so most Firefox fans didn’t take too much notice.  Now, however, Chrome is steadily gaining market share, while Firefox is heading (slowly) in […]