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Best Windows Photo Program

While there are only a few good photo organization / editing programs on a mac (namely iPhoto), there are hundreds available for the PC.  Many people use the Nikon or Kodak software that came with their cameras, but most people seem to either use Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery. Personally, I use Windows Live Photo Gallery…and here’s why. 1. When you make a change in Picasa, IT DOESN’T ACTUALLY SAVE THE CHANGE TO THE […]


Backup in Windows 7

Holy crap.  Has anyone tried to use the backup feature in Windows 7?  Are you having the same issues as me? I used to use Windows backup when I had Vista.  While running, it barely slowed down my system at all.  Now when I run the backup in Windows 7, my machine literally becomes nearly unusable.  I’ve cancelled it every time it’s started because it’s too painful to sit through.  I know you’re not supposed […]



What is up with Twitter?  I mean, I joined today, but I still don’t get it. It’s basically FACEBOOK STATUS MESSAGES.  That’s it.  Except they have to be more formal in my opinion because they might be texted to someone if they’re following you.  The whole thing is just…strange.  And now I have to keep track of updating my Facebook and Twitter status messages! On another note, the WordPress Twitter widget is seriously MESSED UP.  […]