Backup in Windows 7

Holy crap.  Has anyone tried to use the backup feature in Windows 7?  Are you having the same issues as me?

I used to use Windows backup when I had Vista.  While running, it barely slowed down my system at all.  Now when I run the backup in Windows 7, my machine literally becomes nearly unusable.  I’ve cancelled it every time it’s started because it’s too painful to sit through.  I know you’re not supposed to backup things while you’re on the computer, but I usually just have it run every Sunday whether I’m on a computer or not.

For that matter, why does Windows 7 insist on making a system image (I think that’s what it calls it) of my VISTA partition?  Why can’t you select certain partitions to make disk images of?  My Vista partition is no longer in use; I don’t care about it.  Why are you creating an image of it?

Is anyone else having this problem?  I think if anything it should be running faster than it did in Windows Vista because I’m now on a 64-bit install instead of 32-bit and thus using all 4 gb of my RAM (when before it would only use 3.5).  Microsoft really needs to fix the speed that it takes to backup files.  I don’t care if my backup takes 4 hours instead of 1.  I just want my computer to be usable when backup is running, because now I keep cancelling it and so I don’t have a backup.  I think I’m going to set it to run every Monday night at 1am and disable auto-shut down for Mondays.  Either way, this is irritating.

About the Author: Chris Bellman

Sophomore ECE major at The Ohio State University. Technology enthusiast. Runs own IT business in Cincinnati.