Decisions, Decisions – Nexus One

I’m torn.  $530 is a lot of money.  And yes, I realize that the $530 is a rumor, but I believe it’s accurate.  I just got my G1 working better…applied a RAM hack after re-flashing Cyanogen’s and going into spare parts and disabling lock home screen to memory – this was killing my phone (IMO).  It’s actually pretty usable (the past few weeks it’s been horribly slow).  So my dilemma is whether the Nexus One is worth $530.  I would have to pay $530 because I’m on Cincinnati Bell, (but only pay $35 a month for unlimited data/text/plenty of voice)!

The Nexus One does not have a physical keyboard.  I’m not sure how much this will affect me.  I find the predict/replace feature on Android’s touch screen keyboard to be better than the iPhone’s.  Typing accuracy is worse, but actually having the right word come out is better.  This could also be because the iPhone’s screen is bigger.  That brings me to another point.  Side by side of Nexus One and iPhone, the iPhone’s screen is wider.  The Nexus One’s is just taller and a little skinnier, I think.  This is bad because that means the keys are smashed together.  Besides the whole onscreen keyboard debate, I can’t think of another downside to this phone, besides money.

What do I gain?  The fastest mobile processor and tons of RAM.  This phone should still be one of the top 5 fastest phones on the market by the end of 2010.  Nothing should “surpass it” except for maybe phones that have HDMI-out or something, but I don’t want or need that.  So speed is a HUGE plus.  It’s also beautiful and sleek.  I would ruin this by being paranoid and getting a case, but it’s beautiful none the less.  Screen is brighter, bigger, better.  The camera has a flash.  3.5mm headphone jack!  That’s great!  Not to mention someone on XDA saying it has 3 times the battery life of the G1, which would be amazing.

Is speed and looks worth it?  It can’t really do anything that my phone can’t, except for play music out of a headphone jack and take pictures in the dark.  Can I justify $530 on a phone that really isn’t that much better than my G1?  I’m thinking of iPhone owners.  How many 3G users upgraded to the 3GS?  That’s basically what I would compare this to.  Kind of.  I think I can justify this.  For a couple of reasons.

I would have the best phone on the market for a while.  It’s made by Google so it will always be up-to-date (where-as the G1 is probably at the end of its updating life).  Better battery life is almost a must at this point.  Also, a skinnier phone would be nice.  But the real reason is so that I can leave my G1 in my car and have not only a usable “standalone” GPS (using CoPilot from market), but a BACKUP phone.  One to take that I wouldn’t cry if it got destroyed.  I’m thinking of when I go to Kings Island or other places where a phone could get destroyed.  Right now whenever I go to Kings Island I use my Razr V3i = PAIN.  It’s hard not having a smart phone while standing in long lines.  It’s also hard having a phone with a WORSE battery life than the G1.  So having the convenience of a backup phone?  Worth it.

So I guess I’m going to make this purchase as soon as possible (January 5th!).  It’s a great phone, “perfect” in every way (minus the keyboard).  I’ve also made a lot of money over break.  So look forward to my first impressions post when I get it.

About the Author: Chris Bellman

Sophomore ECE major at The Ohio State University. Technology enthusiast. Runs own IT business in Cincinnati.