How-To Print Business Cards in Adobe Bridge

Backstory : I run my own computer business and I haven’t updated my business card in a few years (and it’s always been ugly). I finally decided to re-create it, only to realize making it in Word is / has always been painful, and Photoshop was a much better option. After creating a design I liked, it was time to print, and I couldn’t find adequate documentation online…so I played around! Here’s how to print your business card using Adobe Bridge.

Supplies Needed: Business card paper (the 2×3.5″ kind), printer, Photoshop, Bridge

Ok so I’m going to assume you have saved your .psd somewhere and you’ve opened Adobe Bridge.


1. Locate the file in Bridge and single click on it.

2. Click OUTPUT at the top right of the program (to the left of the search bar). You should now see a preview of the file in the center of the program and various panels to the right including “Document”, “Layout”, etc. and a scroll bar.

3. At the bottom of this post is a picture of the important settings. Basically, if you’re using the same typical business card paper as I did, these settings should be the same. I’ll type them out here just in case.

Under Document:

  1. Page Preset: US Paper
  2. Size: Letter
  3. Quality: 300 dpi

Under Layout:

  1. Image Placement: Across First (By Row)
  2. Columns: 2
  3. Rows: 5
  4. Horizontal: 0 in
  5. Vertical: 0 in
  6. Top: 0.5 in
  7. Bottom: 0.5 in
  8. Left: 0.75 in
  9. Right: 0.75 in

Under Overlays – make sure to uncheck “Filename”.

That’s it! Click “Save…” and you should have  a ready-to-print PDF of your business cards!

About the Author: Chris Bellman

Sophomore ECE major at The Ohio State University. Technology enthusiast. Runs own IT business in Cincinnati.