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My Essential Chrome Extensions

Here is my list of extensions that makes Chrome usable for me.  Keep in mind that I used Firefox for a solid four years before switching to Chrome, so a lot of these extensions duplicate the behavior of different Firefox features. AdThwart – This extension does a decent job of blocking advertisements on sites.  I really wouldn’t recommend using it unless ads bother you that much because a lot of people (including me) make money […]


Google Phone / Nexus One

The Nexus One.  Beauty.  This is the Android phone many have been waiting for.  Pictured left, it is the true “Google Phone”, AKA “Nexus One”.  Granted, what I’m about to say is all based on rumors, but a lot of it is probably true.  I’m going to compare this a lot to the iPhone, but that’s because that’s the only true competition this phone has. I’ve been waiting for an Android phone with a big […]


Backup in Windows 7

Holy crap.  Has anyone tried to use the backup feature in Windows 7?  Are you having the same issues as me? I used to use Windows backup when I had Vista.  While running, it barely slowed down my system at all.  Now when I run the backup in Windows 7, my machine literally becomes nearly unusable.  I’ve cancelled it every time it’s started because it’s too painful to sit through.  I know you’re not supposed […]


Update Notifier

Are you one of those people who keeps everything up-to-date on your computer?  The kind of person who never clicks “no” when asked to update certain software?  So am I.  So naturally, everything on our computers is completely up-to-date, right?  Wrong. I installed this program thinking it might catch at max 5 programs which just never notified me that an update was available.  It found 24 UPDATES.  This blew me away.  Anyway, I took the […]